Ask the Amigos: Quarantine Blues version

We’re ba-aaaaaack!

With everything that is going on with the Coronavirus and its impacts around the globe, we thought we’d get the band back together for a reunion to take advantage of the extra time many of us now find we have.

Here’s the chance to ask Dom, Reed & myself questions about hockey- the paused 2019-20 NHL season, B’s, prospects (lots to talk about here with recent signings), pretty much anything what you want covered, we’ll try to blow into. We want to do what we can to provide some content and help maybe take the minds off of the larger issues going on. Our minds…and yours.

Just post a comment to this post with your comment and first name/location where you are, and we’ll try to address it in a future audio file. We will also take questions via DM on Twitter if you’d rather go that route by sending your question to the amigo of your choice.

We will close questions at 9 a.m. (Central) time on Thursday, March 26, and the podcast will drop on Friday.

5 thoughts on “Ask the Amigos: Quarantine Blues version

      • The thinking behind trading Krejci is that 1) get some value for him while you still can 2) will free up cap space to resign Krug and 3) Coyle is ready to step up as 2C and Studnicka as 3C.


  1. With Beecher, Frederic, Wolff and Curtis Hall on the way, do you think we’ll see another edition of the big bad bruins ? Are there any other power forwards / truculent dmen that you think the B’s are eying ?

    What do you think the Seattle name will be/should be?

    Who’s the next big trade addition coming into the B’s in next two years – a player who you think they’ve been eyeing and isn’t locked in where ever they may be?


  2. Wow, this is great having you guys back at it. I hate to be unoriginal, but I will ask the same question as last year looking to see if you have a change in opinion one year later. The Bruin’s took Jack Studnicka in the second round in 2017 (53rd overall) while the Montreal Canadian’s took Ryan Poehling in the first round in 2017 (25th overall). Who has the better player? A long time Bruin fan living in Montreal.


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