Ask the Amigos

We’re going to try and get the band together for one last podcast…

Here’s the chance to ask Dom, Reed & myself questions about hockey- B’s, prospects, scouting, pretty much what you want covered, we’ll try to blow into.

Just post a comment to this post with your comment and first name/location where you are, and we’ll try to address it in a future audio file.

EDIT: We recorded the podcast last night- the comments are officially closed- thanks to all who submitted! Watch for the show to air early next week after the long Labor Day weekend- KL

10 thoughts on “Ask the Amigos

  1. Hey Guys..with the Bruins look to go with 8 D into the season, do you think this could be a new trend the Bruins are trying giving guys a lot of rest during the season and saving the cost of depth D men at the trade deadline, hence the 3 round round pick for Holden..


  2. An incredibly thorough,and probably exhausting, statistical analysis of Rask was recently done by @CBeswick . I know he’s the best the Bruins have, but what do you think the Bruins should do long term about their goalie situation?


  3. Jack Studnicka seems to be a value pick where they got him. Before the Bruins took Urho Vaakanaine, I was looking for them to take Ryan Poehling.

    Living in Montréal I loved to know if, in your opinions, the Bruins’s got a better prospect in the second round with Studnicka than Montréal got with Poehling in the first?

    Could Studnicka


  4. Hi guys. Love the insight and greatly appreciate it!!! Simple question. As a scout, what factors do you look for when seeing if a winger can play his “off” side (i.e. left hand shot playing the right wing or vice versa). I ask because the Bruins have a plethora of prospects/young players who are left shot wingers (Donato, Bjork, Heinen, Cehlarik, Debrusk, and Gabrielle among others). If Senyshyn is still a year away, one of those guys is going to get a look on the right side. What do you look for when seeing if a guy can play his off wing and which prospects seem like they can play their off wing and which ones are less suited to doing so? Thanks again!!!


  5. Do you think the trend towards developing younger players at the NHL level has had any drawbacks? Does the need to produce sooner and play in a more rigid system limit growth or lead to poor fundamentals?


  6. G’day it’s josh from the nations capital in Canada, big time bruins fan, long time listener first time caller, giving your threes knowledge for the bruins and the game in general, what do the three of yous think the line up will look like for the season opening, with the expectations of a kid or two impressing the bruins brass during training camp. I know it’s a wide spread question but would like to see what each of yous predict and how different each one of your line ups look like. Thank you very much. Love the work you guys do. Very appreciated of it


  7. With the B’s having eight defensemen on the roster can you put on your GM hats for a moment and talk about which if any you would look to move? Love all the great content and thanks for the excellent insight. Viva los amigos!


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