3 Amigos Podcast Ep. 8: Everything Claude Julien & Bruins trade rumors


The 3 Amigos ride again!

Reed Duthie, Dominic Tiano and your TSP founder have reunited for another podcast. It’s been a time of transition, and we’re not a professional outfit, so we appreciate the patience over the time elapsed from our last offering. We’ll do these when we can, but for now- we’re focusing on the dismissal of Claude Julien, new B’s interim bench boss Bruce Cassidy and trade rumors swirling around the team and one name in particular out West.

Enjoy the podcast, and we’ll follow up tomorrow with the debut of our 45- minute supplementary podcast “Ask the Amigos” where we take questions our listeners and TSP readers submitted on Twitter.



4 thoughts on “3 Amigos Podcast Ep. 8: Everything Claude Julien & Bruins trade rumors

  1. I’ll keep listening to this wonderful podcast as long you don’t make comparisons of the Bruins with the Patriots. It’s an insult to the Bruins when they don’t engage in a culture of cheating like the Cheatriots do. A Stanley Cup champion takes 16 wins to win the Stanley Cup while the Superbowl champion takes 3 or 4 games(depending on seeding) plus a media bye week


    • Well, Hank- we certainly appreciate the support. However, with all due respect- we wouldn’t come to your house, praise the interior decor, then relieve ourselves in the middle of the living room, so why are you doing that to us? You’re welcome to go anywhere for your Bruins content, but we’ll talk about what we like, when we like. Don’t like it? The door’s that way———-> Cheers- KL


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