Milestone: 500th post

When I started the Scouting Post (TSP) blog 5 years ago, I wasn’t doing anything other than finding an additional outlet to blog about hockey (mainly the Boston Bruins).

The 2015 NHL Entry Draft had just happened and the team was flush with a big crop of new prospects. Gone were Peter Chiarelli, Milan Lucic and Dougie Hamilton. There was a new regime in Boston, headed up by longtime player and development chief Don Sweeney. The B’s had just missed the NHL playoffs for the first time since 2007, and would fall short again in this blog’s first year of active posting.

A lot has happened since then. That big crop of new prospects- some of them panned out, others did not. A few are still hanging around. Time is the final judge, and while there are some fans out there who insist that the 2015 Bruins draft was a failure, we’re pretty sure they haven’t spent much time here.

In the years since the B’s were a non-playoff club in 2015, they’ve returned to prominence, falling oh-so-short in 2019, but winning the President’s Trophy a year later, even though the global COVID-19 pandemic certainly created a storm with complete sports (and life) stoppage from mid-March to current times as we still wait for a return-to-NHL hockey plan unfold.

Two years into the blog’s existence, got a position with the USHL’s Omaha Lancers and three years later, still there, though the hockey season often prevents me from posting as much as I would like. One of the silver linings of the coronavirus craziness is that I’ve been able to spend much more time on here getting back to what I truly enjoy- talking about hockey, mainly the Boston Bruins- past, present and future.

And I’ve gotten a lot of help. Buddies Dominic Tiano and Reed Duthie, with whom I formed the 3 Amigos podcast team four years ago, have taken their time to write about timely topics and players from their area of expertise in Ontario, Canada. We’ve even added a fourth amigo in recent months. Thanks guys- couldn’t do it without you.

Through it all- you, the reader, are why we do it. None of us has made a dime off the blog. All content is free, without ads or any other interference. It’s an effort pure in its intent and execution. Sure, you’re not going to agree with all you read and digest here, but in the end- we’re out to inform and spark intelligent, reasoned debate.

So, to all of you who read, digest, and appreciate the efforts here- thank you. 500 posts took longer to reach than originally thought, but five years later, we’re still standing.

4 thoughts on “Milestone: 500th post

    • Kirk this was a real good post and we appreciate all your work> I really also appreciate you would answer my Bruin questions. thank you Eugene Mannarino


  1. Thanks Kirk , Dom ,and Reed , it has been wonderful listening and reading your thoughts on the bruins… take care and wish you guys all the best , look forward to 1,000…

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