Dominic Tiano: The best goal scorer in NHL history is…

Is Alex Ovechkin the most prolific goal scorer in NHL history?

2 thoughts on “Dominic Tiano: The best goal scorer in NHL history is…

  1. What about time on ice? Back in 1920 they had what.. 2 lines of forwards? Maybe 3? One would expect a typical player to have a higher % of his team’s goals back then.


    • That’s a good point, Joe- but how much of a difference would it make? That’s what’s nearly impossible to quantify given the many variables beyond roster size- the era, skill sets, goalie styles, etc. When numbers are all we have to go on, who decides what does or doesn’t get weighted to massage the outcomes? Is Wayne Gretzky any less of a points leader because he scored the bulk of his goals/points against inferior goalies in the 1980’s as opposed to the superior quality of goalies/bigger equipment Alex Ovechkin has faced since coming into the league during the 05-06 season?- KL


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