Happy Thanksgiving

The Boston Bruins face the Ottawa Senators tonight on the American day that we give thanks for what we have.

As always- we appreciate the support on this blog and the 3 Amigos podcast…sorry we didn’t get to Anders Bjork, but with so much ground to cover, it was not an intentional omission.

There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss Bjork in the coming days, weeks and months. Don’t be so sure he will “pull a Vesey,” as his situation is a little different (namely the more rapid ascendance that his play has manifested him into going forward).

We give thanks to you, the fans- for helping inspire the work here. Hopefully, you are as appreciative of the free content provided on this blog in the founder’s free time. This is not a full-time gig.

Happy Thanksgiving and be safe-

Kirk Luedeke

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