Koko in news again

In the air & on Wi-Fi- just saw the notes on Alexander Khokhlachev from Russian hockey correspondent Igor Eronko.

Alex Khokhlachev’s agent blames Julien for not giving a chance to his client,says #Bruins disrupted all the possible deals involving Koko1/2

Khokhlachev’s agent won’t comment the possible offer from #SKA but doesn’t rule out return to Russia 2/2

That agent would be Ian Pulver, and aside from the usual suspects I see defending this latest attempt to curry favor in the media, is anyone really buying that this guy is worth more than a nickel of your time?

I see two recurring themes:

1. Opportunity as in- he didn’t get it in Boston, and…
2. Value as in the Bruins could have gotten something for him in trade.

First of all, is it possible that Claude Julien and the Bruins coaching staff got tired of telling him to do things and then watching him continue doing the things they told him not to do?

He’s skilled. We get it. But he’s not so skilled that he can go out and do his own thing.

The Bruins know it. So do other teams so if anything was being offered the Bruins likely felt he was worth more to them in Providence than giving him up for a late pick in a bogus draft or mediocre prospect.

Anyway- I wish Koko well. Nice kid, but it didn’t work out for him in Boston. It might happen elsewhere, but some players find a way to seize opportunities no matter how small. Maybe he’ll grab it on the next round but it appears the B’s have moved on and so will I.

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