2016 Bruins trade deadline postscript: George McFly’s fan reaction

I want to thank everyone who shared their thoughts on Twitter and on the blog about yesterday’s trade deadline.

To officially close out the coverage of the event (at least on the Scouting Post blog), I’m going to let actor Crispin Glover, whose portrayal of “Layne” from the 1986 film River’s Edge remains one of the more unique performances you will see on the big screen, represent my assessment of the general fan feelings after the deadline. Come to think of it…is there a stranger pairing of leading men in *any* film than Glover and (pre-Bill & Ted’s and Point Break) Keanu Reaves? And shoutout (RIP) to Dennis Hopper as the edgy, revolver-wielding, blow-up doll-toting drifter named “Feck”- this movie has a little bit of everything.

Anyway- watch at your own peril (and don’t have the sound up at work or with kids around) but I think this best captures the wide range of emotions and reactions of Bruins fans in general after Loui Eriksson was not traded, along with  John-Michael Liles and Lee Stempniak as the returns.
Enjoy.  (YouTube clip uploaded by “Jeff Jackson”/Poetic Pugilist Productions)

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